Train for cyber hygiene

Though employees commit such missteps, employers must share the blame. The fact is that most companies aren’t putting enough money into training when they make technology investments. Organizations routinely spend as much as 85% of their IT budget on technology and only 5% on education and training for that technology.

Organizations are allocating more budget to enhance cybersecurity – implementing tools such asmulti-factor authentication and advanced firewalls – but tools alone aren’t enough. Security training that highlights the importance of employee actions will create greater awareness and ensure your organization can enjoy their digital workplace while remaining secure.

Cyber hygiene is a collective term for the practices and steps that users of computers and other devices take to maintain system health and improve online security. As part of the shift toward training, more time and effort need to be spent on this topic. Breaches aren’t the only thing good cybersecurity hygiene can address – it can also help with preventing data loss, misplaced data and more.

Organizations need to implement and train on a cybersecurity hygiene policy– these are not things you can safely assume employees know. Security is now part of everyone’s job, and training must be embedded to make that fact explicit.

A continuous training culture

The threat landscape changes constantly, and so must your training and education efforts.Training isn’t a one-and-done, point-in-time need or merely an on boarding activity. It must be embedded into the daily and weekly operations of your organization. The best way to accomplish this is by making the training easily accessible to employees, whenever and wherever they are.

With educational modules located in a central repository, it becomes easier to train your employees on the risks, tools and procedures that surround cybersecurity. Learning management systems were created to facilitate this kind of training. It empowers them to be on the front line for prevention of cyber attacks and data breaches.

A learning management system has other benefits. You can easily share important security updates (regulations, software updates and so on) and information to all segments of the organization and make it available to employees at all times.You also can provide training that’s specific to an employee’s job role, location or specialization.

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